Sony Is Rumoured To Release A Phone Specially Built For Super Selfies

Sony will release a phone specifically designed to take grade-A selfies, according to a rumour from unofficial blog

And while the report remains technically unconfirmed, Sony did tweet that something new will come to the Xperia line tomorrow, and it looks like a bright future for selfies.

A popular theory is that we’ll see a new device with a front-facing flash. While some apps like Snapchat have managed to create simulated front flashes for selfies after dark, few phones come with the hardware necessary for the real thing. One of the most recent Android phones to have one was the $1,000 sleeper Lumigon T2 HD.

Though the front-flash is fairly innovative, using the selfie as a selling point is almost becoming a new trend. Last month HTC announced its plan for a selfie-centric phone due out later this year.

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