Sony Not Expecting to Launch a PS4 ‘Anytime Soon’

By James Brightman

The current console generation is already atypical in that it’s becoming far longer than the once standard five-year time span. As the technology has evolved, the R&D and overall investment needed to launch a high-end console has risen tremendously, so the platform holders want to get as much out of these machines as possible. Sony, speaking at an analyst day this week, noted that a PS4 isn’t in the works for launch “anytime soon.”

Lazard Capital Markets’ Colin Sebastian noted, “Management remains confident in the 10-year console lifecycle – no PS4 anytime soon. While no time frames were mentioned explicitly regarding a console refresh cycle, management indicated that there is little reason to expect a deviation in the ’10’ year console cycle.”

Sebastian continued, hypothesizing that this will leave the door open for new competition to enter, possibly from Apple. “We think this might, over the duration of the remaining life of the PS3, provide a window of opportunity for new gaming platforms such as an Apple TV, which could simply utilise an SDK and App Store to deliver games to television sets. The next generation Apple TV, will in our view, likely feature the same hardware and software improvements that accompanied the iPad 2, which include a dual core processor and a 9x improvement in GPU performance.”