Sony Making PS3 Games Cheaper To Create*

Sony (SNE) is throwing exasperated game publishers a bone.

Yesterday Sony execs announced they were cutting the price introducing a new, lower-cost version of its advanced PS3 development kit (DECR-1400A), with a price cut of over 80% to $2,000 from the previous model’s $10,240. (We’re not immediately sure how many dev kits the average publisher needs, whether it’s one-per-org or one-per-developer.)

The new dev kit price price cut should been seen as a welcome concession by game publishers. Sony recently started charging its partners 16 cents per GB for downloads on its Playstation Network, a move that could saddle its partners with hundreds of thousands of dollars in new fees. That comes at a time when publishers are openly rebelling against high PS3 prices and hit games like Grand Theft Auto 4 and Fallout 3 are making Xbox-only add-ons, blowing off the smaller PS3 audience.

We hope to see more moves in this direction. Consider Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone, which came out of nowhere to become a contender in mobile gaming, threatening both Sony’s PSP and the Nintendo (NTDOY) DS line. iPhone coders can get into Apple’s developer program for only $99.

Update: Sony reps point out the DECR-1400A is a new development kit, not a price cut to the old one.

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