'The Interview' Will Be Available Online Today

The interviewSony PicturesYou can watch these guys online now.

Sony will release “The Interview” online Wednesday, the company announced.

The movie will be available at 1 p.m. Eastern on YouTube, Google Play, and Xbox Video.

It will cost $US5.99 to rent or $US14.99 to own.

Sony’s own site, SeeTheInterview.com, will also have the movie. Online payments company Stripe will be handling the transactions for Sony’s site.

Google Play is Google’s online store for apps, music, movies, etc. It comes included with Android devices. It’s also available on iPhone, iPad, Roku, Nexus TV, and Chromecast.

You can also get the movie on YouTube Movies, YouTube’s site for buying or renting movies.

Xbox Video is available on Xbox video game consoles along with computers, tablets, and phones that that run Windows 8. You can also access Xbox Video on its website.

Over the last few days, Sony has reversed its position that the movie will not be shown.

Last week, it decided to pull the movie’s premiere in theatres after the five largest theatre chains said they wouldn’t show it. Sony also implied it wouldn’t release the movie online or through a video on demand service.

But on Friday, President Obama told reporters at a news conference that Sony made a “mistake” by caving to the demands of hackers. Also on Friday, the FBI formally blamed North Korea for backing the hacker group that forced Sony to initially pull “The Interview” from theatres. The movie portrays the assassination of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un.

Since then, Sony has reversed its position and decided to release the movie in about 300 independent movie theatres. Now, it will be released online too.

Sony was also exploring other online distribution options. According to The New York Times, Sony asked the White House for help convincing Apple to release the movie on iTunes. Apple reportedly declined.

Variety reports that Netflix is in talks to stream “The Interview” too.

Developing…refresh this post for the latest.

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