LOOK: Sony's Head-Mounted 3D Display Is Here From The Future

Star Trek fans can look forward to soon having their own holodecks—Sony is set to release a head-mounted 3D display that is straight out of science fiction.

Engadget’s Richard Lawler writes that the device, the HMZ-T1, will pack two 1280×720 0.7-inch OLED panels mounted in front of each eye, which will give the wearer an experience comparable to viewing a 750-inch screen from 20m away.

Sound capabilities are impressive as well—5.1 surround sound will be available from headphones integrated directly integrated into the device.

But enough of that. Check out some gadget porn.

It's a sleek design.

It requires an external device to feed it video.

From the front.

What you'll be peering into.

A view from above.

And below.

Very elegantly designed.

It almost looks like a race car.

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