Sony Is Forming An Anti-Piracy Legal Team

By M.H. Williams

New job listings on Sony Computer Entertainment of America’s website reveal that Sony’s litigious strategy in relation to the PlayStation 3 hacks is just beginning to gain steam. The publisher is looking for a Senior Corporate Counsel and a Senior Paralegal for Anti-Piracy and Brand Protection.

“This position will be responsible for assessing annual SCEA corporate anti-piracy needs and addressing the needs through developing and implementing an anti-piracy program in consultation with the Deputy General Counsel and the General Counsel and collaborating with other anti-piracy organisations, including those of affiliated Sony Computer Entertainment companies, Sony Corporation and the video game industry’s trade association, the Entertainment Software Association,” reads one job listing. “The program to be developed will require a strong strategic online component (taking input from and working with SCEA Marketing, SCEA Strategic Business Development Latin America and SCEA Product Development).”

Sony is seemingly out to get anyone who ever even looked at the PlayStation 3 hack. The publisher has already closed the security hole in future consoles, but current units are still open to the hack. Sony responded last week by handing out PlayStation Network bans to those with hacked consoles.

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