Sony Dumps Discs For New PSP Go

Sony PSP Go

Sony’s new PlayStation Portable, one of the main announcements at this year’s E3 gaming expo — our preview here — has leaked ahead of time.

As suspected, Sony is dropping its disc format, “Universal Media Disc,” for flash memory and digital distribution on the “PSP Go.” (Another failed Sony attempt to try to get its proprietary format to catch on within the broader media industry.) The screen is still large — 3.8 inches — and it comes with 16 GB of onboard memory. You’ll also be able to rent movies and TV shows over the PSP’s wi-fi.

Missing in the new PSP: A touchscreen, which its rivals — Nintendo’s DS and Apple’s iPod touch — both have.

As SAI contributor Sachin Agarwal wrote in his E3 preview, Sony’s PSP is actually a bigger success than most give it credit for.

Sony’s first foray into portable gaming has sold over 47 million units worldwide, a full 17 million more than Microsoft’s Xbox 360. That’s approximately as many units sold worldwide as Nintendo’s phenomenon, the Wii.  (And only 5 million shy of the combined worldwide sales of the 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3.)  While many analysts continue to compare it unfavorably to Nintendo’s DS, there is no question that the PSP has been an unqualified success for Sony.

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