Sony's Impressive 2013 Lineup Proves The Company Is Far From Obsolete

sony president phil molyneux ces 2013Sony’s President and COO Phil Molyneux showcasing the new Xperia Z smartphone.

Photo: Kevin Smith/Business Insider

If you listen to the critics, you’d think Sony was a dying brand.And they’re mostly right. Sony is going through some tough times. 

However, taking a look at its booth at the Consumer Electronics Show this year, it’s pretty clear Sony is finally catching up to other tech giants that have passed it in recent years.

Most notably, Sony has a new smartphone called the Xperia Z that is on par with any other top-tier Android smartphone out there.

Plus there are plenty of new Smart TVs and other cool home gizmos that left us slightly more optimistic about the company’s future.

Sony's booth had a massive revolving screen that displayed the companies products and videos. This is a glimpse of the outside.

Before we stepped in we got a good view of the 65-inch 4K LED TV. The picture doesn't do the TV justice but it felt as if we were looking underwater.

Here's a better view of the 65-inch. The set pushes out a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels. That's twice as sharp as your typical HDTV.

Besides offering a stunning display, certain sets offer premium sound by way of built-in sub woofers, tweeters, and other audio goodies.

The redesigned PS3 was on display throughout the booth.

As were the company's stand-alone Blu-Ray players.

The Music Lounge featured Sony's headphones, MP3 players, and music services.

And of course Sony's brand new 4K OLED TV. It'll be a few years before this technology becomes affordable enough for you to buy one.

There was an impressive display that allowed visitors to press and button and watch Sony's new Xperia Z get dunked in water and still function.

It was pretty cool.

Also on display was a weird Xperia art installation.

Our mobile tour guide gave us a quick demo of Sony's smartwatch. You can download apps on your Xperia phone that will interact with the device. It syncs via Bluetooth. Our favourite part was an experimental app that allowed you to view your smartphone camera on the watch and snap a photo.

Sony was really pushing 4K TVs this year. It wanted to stress that Sony's 4K TVs make everything you watch today better even though the content isn't there yet. The TVs can upscale current broadcast TV, HDTV shows, and Blu-Ray movies.

Sony says that it stands out from other 4K TV manufacturers because it has been in the space for over 10 years. Did you know that 3 out of 4 theatres worldwide use a Sony 4K projector? That means you've been paying for Sony 4K upscaled at theatres.

Users will also get a high def media player, but once this 4K media player comes out later this year Sony will allow you to swap the older loaned media player for this new one.

Besides movies and TV shows, Sony 4K TVs also show your photos brilliantly. Any photo taken with a 4 megapixel camera or higher will look great with details like never before. You can't see it, but this 4K TV was able to show very subtle details like dirt on this cute baby's hands and lint on his nose.

Now that you've gotten a glimpse of Sony's booth get a closer look at the company's latest smartphone...

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