Leaked Sony emails reveal Sony is working with Simon Cowell on a new animated film called 'Finn'

Sony Pictures is working with Simon Cowell on a new animated feature film called “Finn,” Business Insider has exclusively learned.

The film is “officially a project” at Sony Pictures as of June 2014, according to a series of leaked Sony emails published online by Wikileaks.

In an email written by Syco Entertainment senior vice president Adam Milano to then Sony Pictures co-chairwoman Amy Pascal on June 6th, 2014, Milano writes “Sorry I missed you. I was just calling to say we are VERY excited that Finn is officially a project with you guys.”

Milano also writes that “Simon [is] extremely happy” and that “we’re going to go turn this into Happy Feet,” referencing the smash 2006 animated film about a penguin, which won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

In an email dated September 23rd, 2014 labelled “Note from Simon” sent by Syco Entertainment executive assistant Olivia Newhouse to Amy Pascal, Newhouse relays a thank-you note written by Cowell.

“We love the writers and I think what they have done is really clever. Momentum seems the key now because this is such a good original and timely idea … I can make these ideas work with your support. I did it with music and then TV and now I believe films.”

While the film’s name “Finn” and Milano’s comparison to “Happy Feet” suggests the movie could involve a bird or penguin of some sort, no further details about the plot or characters of the project have been revealed.

Business Insider has reached out to Sony Pictures for comment and will update this post when we hear back.

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