Sonny Bill Williams Watched The Birth Of His First Child On A Live Internet Feed

Facebook/ GPSports. If Sonny Bill wears it…

Sonny Bill Williams has just witnessed the birth of his first child via a live streaming internet feed.

The football star, who is training with the All Blacks in Cardiff ahead of their upcoming match against Wales, made the decision with his wife to stay in Europe with the team rather than returning home for the birth.

Despite the distance, Williams tweeted that the moment his daughter was born was the proudest moment in his life.

The couple aren’t the only pair on the All Blacks team to be separated during the arrival of their child. Prop Charlie Faunmuina and his wife Rachelle also gave birth to a baby girl last week.

This concept of live streaming child birth is growing in popularity as work more often becomes a reason for parents to be temporarily separated from their family.

Because of this many companies are already developing new healthcare technologies specifically designed to help parents separated from their spouses during childbirth.

[email protected] is just one of these businesses offering online video applications for general postnatal maternity, special care nurseries and neonatal intensive care unit.

Clayton Neilson, the CEO of [email protected], said as distance becomes a more common issue for modern families these new technologies keep them connected for these special moments.

Neilson said his business “is connecting families and friends with the arrival of their new baby, and helping families with separation from their baby when in need of special care in hospital”.

“We use live video, mobile online interaction and a niche social network service for our hospitals to bring families together and emotionally connect with their new baby in circumstances when it would have been just impossible only a few years ago,” he said.

“Whether it’s families interstate or overseas, or the reality of our modern busy lives which keep us physically apart, we now live in an amazing era where hospital’s can apply technology to care for the holistic needs of their patients connecting with loved ones.”

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