This Amazing Super-Sonic Jet Will Get You From New York To London In Two Hours*


Last week at the Paris Air Show, Hypermach revealed a new supersonic jet that will be able to travel twice as fast as the Concorde, the Daily Mail reported.

Hypermach says its SonicStar aeroplane will get you to London from New York in two hours.

Of course, it won’t be built until 2024, so who knows if it will ever exist.

SonicStar will get passengers from London to New York in 2 hours, and from New York to Sydney in four -- a trip that usually takes at least 20 hours.

The plane will fly at a minimum of 60,000 feet, and you'll be able to see the curvature of the earth as you fly.

Source: Daily Mail

The plane's fuel efficiency will be revolutionary and if applied industry wide, would result in a 30-35% reduction in fuel use.

it uses electromagnetic currents in a unique way, so it doesn't violate any of the noise restrictions of sonic travel

There are only 20 seats on the aircraft, so getting a place on the SonicStar will have an exorbitant pricetag attached.

The interior won't look like your average jet interior...

This is the founder and chief scientist at Hypermach, Richard Lugg, who says the engine will be built by 2020, with the plane built by 2025.

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