Songwriter Sues Warner Music Claiming Band 'Muse' Stole The Idea For Their Epic 3-Part Symphony

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Muse frontrunner Matt Bellamy may find himself in a “Supermassive Black Hole.”Songwriter Charles Bollfrass claims the British band stole his idea for its epic three-part symphony “Exogenesis” featured on it’s latest album, “The Resistance.”   

Bollfrass is suing Warner Music who released the album in 2009 for $3.5 million claiming in federal court he previously wrote a “cinematic science-fiction rock opera” by the same name.  

Muse received high praise for its beautifully intricate classical-rock ballad that closed out the record, with the album debuting at number 3 on the Billboard charts upon release

Bellamy previously told NME magazine he worked on the album’s “hardest song” for years

Bollfrass claims he contacted Muse along with two other bands back in 2005 to compose the score for his opera; however, he says the band showed no interest. 

According to Bollfrass, his opera follows the story of the end of the world, and hope to start life anew on another planet. 

Drummer Dominic Howard described the symphony as the following to NME in July 2009:  

“It’s a real journey that song as well … you can’t really hear what Matt’s singing in the first part much, but the whole song is about leaving the destructive planet we’ve created, leaving it behind to go populate somewhere else in the universe.”

If that isn’t enough, Bollfrass also claims the group stole the image for their 2009 album cover from a storyboard of his opera. 

Bollfrass is seeking damages for copyright infringement, unfair trade practices, and unfair competition.

The three-part classical rock symphony clocks in at just over 12 minutes. 

You can listen to it in its entirety below: 

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