This electric car has 3 wheels and only costs $13,000

This affordable electric car uses only three wheels. The prototype comes from Sondors Electric Car Company. Their target starting price is just $US10,000 ($AU13,000).

Storm Sondors: We wanted to be able to execute [the] car quite fast to go from prototype, an idea, to engineering and production.

Sondors didn’t create a three-wheeled vehicle just to stand out. The missing fourth wheel also categorizes the car as a motorcycle. This allows Sondors to bypass more rigorous regulatory standards. It also cuts the overall cost dramatically.

Here are some of the features the production model will offer. 75, 150, and 200-mile range options. Front-wheel drive with an all-wheel drive upgrade option. 0-60 mph in 5-8 seconds. It may look small, but it comes with a back seat.

Aj Caldwell: So I managed to get in the back seat of the Sondors electric car. And what’s really interesting about this single seat in the back is, you feel like you’ve got so much space because there’s nothing to the left or right of you. It’s actually really spacious in here. I’m six feet tall and I’ve got really good headroom. My feet stretch well. I think this would be a very comfortable ride.

The design was inspired by Gran Turismo-style cars. Sondors still wanted the car to be stylish and timeless.

Sondors: We’re not gonna have the models every year. “Oh, we changed the fender we changed the hood.” We want to keep this as focused more on technology. And then, just keep the look for as long as possible the way it is.

Sondors will not have dealerships but will sell online.

Sondors: You’re just going to order online, and you will have a car delivered to your house. And you’ll have a manual, you’re gonna have video you’re gonna have 24/7 access, if you have any problems, to our so-called ‘genius bar’ for tech service. So it’s going to be quite interesting.

New parts will be shipped directly to the consumer.

Sondors: That’s the biggest challenge [that] we have. How do you have the least parts possible, and accomplish the best product possible, and how do you put it together in the least painful way?

Caldwell: The Model Sondors seems like a real contender in the electric car market. It’s affordable, it’s great for commuters, and it doesn’t seem quirky, at least from the front. But this is still the prototype. They will be adding a few more features such as regenerative braking, a front trunk, and a more spacious interior. Would you buy this $US10,000 EV?

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