This New iPhone and iPad App Is The Best Way To Discover Music You Love

sonarflow ipad

The internet is saturated with music. Music apps too. 

Every so often we discover a music app that we really like. We especially enjoy apps that introduce us to music that wasn’t on our radar.

That’s why we love Sonarflow. The app is beautifully designed and actually does an excellent job of helping you find new music.

Sonarflow emphasises the user experience and encourages you to pinch and swipe to discover new music organised in various orbs. Once you zoom deeper into a particular orb, different artists begin to pop up related to the music that you like.

Even better, it works with popular music services like Spotify and your iTunes library.

Sonarflow offers three different apps. The first, Sonarflow for iTunes is free. The second, Sonarflow for Spotify is also free .

And finally, Sonarflow Pro costs $1.99 and includes all of the great features that come with the free version, except no ads and no playlist restrictions.

Here are the three apps. The premium version offers unrestricted playlist access.

Tap to open the app. You can tell which version you're using by the icon in the bottom left corner. We used Spotify for the iPhone.

The app opens to quick tips on how to swipe through the app.

Here are our two Spotify orbs.

Tapping on one brings up a list of songs we've starred.

Pinching an app shows artists you like and others that are similar.

Here's what happened when we pinched on another one. We can go even deeper and explore the smaller orbs as well.

Some settings. We like how is integrated.

When we drag our finer around it brings up even more options and other artists.

Another view deeper inside a musical orb.

Here is the iPad app. We tested the iTunes version with our tablet.

Since we have more music in our iTunes library, we have more orbs. It looks neat.

Diving deeper into a particular genre brings up artists we love as well as some that are similar.

Now make sure your phone's info is protected...

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