Son Of TMZ: Harvey Levin, Warner Bros Launch "People's Court Raw" (TWX)

Sharp-eyed Jeff Bercovici at has stumbled upon what appears to be a sort of line extension for TMZ – Time Warner’s just-about-anything-goes gossip powerhouse. “People’sCourtRaw” seems to be some sort of use-gen debate site. Here, for instance, are two sets of dudes arguing about the merits of “2 Girls One Cup”. We’re not exactly sure what the pro and con positions would be.

2 girls one cup

Click here to view the argument at
People’s Court RawAlso unclear: Who’s going to take ownership of this thing. TMZ creator Harvey Levin appears in promotional clips for the site, which is registered to Warner Bros (TWX). But a spokeswoman for People’s Court tells Jeff that Levin is “not the creator or the voice and the image” of the site. “We actually really haven’t launched it yet.”

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