The Son Of Brazil's Richest Man Is Being Investigated After Killing A Cyclist With His $450,000 Mercedes

eike batistaEike Batista

Photo: Wilson Dias/Abr via Wikimedia Commons

Thor Batista, son of Brazilian billionaire Eike Batista, is being investigated for manslaughter after he ran over a cyclist on a Highway outside Rio de Janeiro Saturday evening, according to Bloomberg. Batista, whose father is the 10th richest man in the world, hit and killed 30-year-old Wanderson Pereira dos Santos with his Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren sports car, according to Bloomberg.

The car has a price tag around $450,000.

After realising what had happened and seeing Periera dos Santos’ body, Batista became ill and vomited at the scene. Later, he passed a breathalyzer test administered by police, according to Jalopnik.

The Batista family have paid for the funeral expenses and Thor Batista is scheduled to testify March 21 about the incident. 

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