The perfect wine to drink with Doritos, Fruit Loops, and 7 other cheap snacks in the back of any pantry

Chips snacksValeStock/Shutterstock.comThe right wine for your Doritos.

You expect a sommelier to recommend the perfect wine pairing for oysters. Or filet mignon. Maybe even for a nice charcuterie.

But for Doritos? Not so much.

“What many people do not realise,” writes sommelier Mark Oldman in “How to Drink Like a Billionaire,” “is that there is a world of surprisingly delectable pairing beyond the conventional, ones that cross territorial and gustatory lines in a manner befitting the multifariousness of modern eating.”

Below, find nine nontraditional cheap snacks that are much improved with the right wine:


With salt and vinegar potato chips: bubbly

Oldman says: You might not want Champagne with a spicy, tangy snack like salt and vinegar chips (or truly spicy foods). Instead, 'it is better to serve simpler bubbly such as Prosecco, Cava, or Cremant, so you don't have to worry about the heat numbing your perception of Champagne's subtleties.'

Steve Cukrov/

With Kraft mac and cheese: Chardonnay

Oldman says: 'The butteriness of a rich Chardonnay from California or Australia adores the creaminess of this comforting classic.'


With honey mustard pretzels: off-dry Riesling

Oldman says: 'The sweet-sour nature of the pretzels flatters that of the Riesling, creating a gastronomic synergy of the Bavarian kind.'


With popcorn: Chardonnay

Oldman says: 'The creamy Chardonnay meets its match in the equally buttery popcorn and the wine's acidity finds favour with the popcorn's saltiness.'

With Doritos: dry Lambrusco

Oldman says: 'This savoury red bubbly cools down the spicy, umami-laden flavours in this beloved snack, while the bubbles cut through the chips' oily charisma.'


With barbecue potato chips: Rosé

Oldman says: 'Dry and pink goes with everything but reaches the thin-air heights of greatness in the presence of barbecue potato chips.'

With peppered beef jerky: Zinfandel

Oldman says: 'Combining two of California's most savoury passions -- beefy, spicy jerky and meaty, peppery Zinfandel -- will make your knees knock with delight.'


With a grilled cheese sandwich: Pinot Noir

Oldman says: 'My friend Steve hosts an annual event during which various bottles of smoky, fruit-forward Pinot Noir from the Russian River are paired with delectable, crispy grilled cheese.'

With Froot Loops: Australian sparkling Shiraz

Oldman says: 'The intense berry character of this bubbly red provides a bridge to all manner of fruity foods, even that Saturday-morning bastion of unnatural fruit flavour, Froot Loops.'

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