Something Ron Paul Supporters Should Be Obsessed With

No, not the media bias against Ron Paul.

The NDAA, which allows for lifetime imprisonment of American citizens without trial, by our own military. And HR 347, which effectively stomps on citizens’ First Amendment rights to peacefully assemble and protest.

Ron Paul has been talking about these issues non-stop, but if he has any chance of continuing to gain momentum, his supporters need to talk about these issues and bring them to a wider audience (as the mainstream media largely refuses to do so).

The NDAA, HR 347, and forthcoming “cybersecurity” legislation all threaten the very bedrock of free speech and America’s constitutional republic. It amazes me that more Ron Paul supporters aren’t talking about THESE issues, rather than Ron Paul’s monetary policy — which, to the “average Joe” voter out there, can come across as complex and difficult to grasp.

This is a huge opportunity for the Ron Paul campaign, in my view, since some of the other GOP candidates have been either shamefully silent on NDAA, or outright supportive of it…

David’s latest videocast on the NDAA:

A rare FOX News segment in which the anchor actually addresses America’s descent into a police state:

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