Something Huge Is Going To Happen To The Supreme Court And No One Is Talking About It

Another week of presidential politics, another outbreak of faux outrage and media manipulation.

President Obama’s campaign released an ad trumpeting Obama’s decision to conduct the military raid that ended in the killing of Osama bin Laden. Republicans — and some liberals with too much time and too-short memories — hit the roof. How dare he? How tacky. Below the office and out of bounds.

Oh please. Are they really that desperate? Do they really have election amnesia?

Television time and newsprint inches first created and then chronicled the incessant bickering about it, while another week passed with voters distracted from the issues that matter most.

This is what passes for news now: suckling the masses to sleep on the teat of triviality.

Issues are dry. Outrage is juicy. Screen viewers and page views. Bread and circuses. Whip the horses until the chariot runs off the cliff of the inconsequential and plummets into a valley of cash and ratings — the higher calling of the fourth estate be damned. It’s all just a game. Hyperventilation is a high-paying job.

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