Someone Sent An Envelope Full Of Human Waste To Wisconsin Senator Lena Taylor

Photo: Lena C. Taylor/ Facebook

Wisconsin State Senator Lena C. Taylor posted a photo on her Facebook page yesterday showing an envelope of poop she said she received from someone supporting mining in the state.”Unfortunately a mining supporter decided to send an envelope full of human excrement to my office,” Taylor wrote on Facebook. “I apologise to the Capitol Police and Senate mail staff for having to open and dispose of this incredibly stupid idea someone had.”

Taylor wrote an op-ed piece in The Milwaukee Courier last week saying that mining in Northern Wisconsin would contribute to a number of health problems for the residents in the surrounding areas. She also called for a task force that would encourage research into the potential harmful effects of mining and identify alternatives.

Instead of a sender’s address, the return label in the photo reads, “Milwaukee Trade Unions Want The Iron Mine.”

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a bill that would ease restrictions on mining and allow a $150 million mine in Northern Wisconsin was defeated last week in the Senate. 

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