Someone Please Solve This Problem: Frickin’ Passwords

password question

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I recently started using a new machine and I’ve had to try to remember all my passwords for all my damn accounts, social networks, blogs, publishing accounts, email, etc… Good Lord!This is ridiculous.  The longer story is a few weeks ago I decided to change a number of them and wouldn’t you know it – I can’t keep them all straight. 

Now each one is left to my best guess.  It’s a mess.

“OK, for Facebook it was…?”

“Damn, I want to tweet this link, Twitter….?”

“Geez, LinkedIn needs my credentials to share an article.”

I couldn’t access my gmail account and when trying to input my best guess for the password, it was also asking for the CAPTCHA, which is actually hard to read and a little more than annoying.

Look, I know there are ways to have your machine remember… but I was using a new one.  Can someone please innovate in this space and work out a better solution?

Is it possible to be more secure at the same time a smoother user experience? 

Anyone else have this problem?