Two Secret Bidders Enter The Battle For Lunch With Warren Buffett, Only One Emerges Victorious

warren buffett auction

Photo: eBay

Bidding to have lunch with Warren Buffett got underway last week on eBay and bidding battle began between two bidders: “s***l” and “o***r.””O***r” came out on top, with the winning $2,345,678 bid.

Last year, the lunch went for $1.7 million — and at lunch, someone stole Warren’s seat! He didn’t care though. And everyone laughed when he told a joke.

The “Power Lunch For 8” is hosted by Buffett each year to benefit the GLIDE charity and its programs.

The opening bid this year was $25,000. It then jumped to $100,000; then surged to over $1 million within a few hours. 8 bids were made during the 5-day auction.

The winner and seven of his or her buddies will chow down with Buffett at Smith & Wollensky in New York City.

Past winners include Greenlight’s David Einhorn.

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