Someone just bought $800 million in Australian government bonds in a single trade

Photo by Jonas Liebschner / Whale Watching Sydney.

The Australian government issued $800 million worth of bonds today, and they were all snapped up by one buyer.

It’s the largest ever purchase by one bidder, based on auction records that date back to 1982.

Here’s the details of the transaction, from the Australian Office of Financial Management (AOFM).

One successful bid, one buyer:


The bonds were sold with a maturity date of April 2029, at a yield of 2.72%.

According to ANZ rates strategist Martin Whetton, there’s been more than 1,200 government bond auctions held by the AOFM since 1982, and only 25 of those have been allocated all to one buyer.

The yield on Australian 10-year government bonds rose by more than 20 basis points last week, and Whetton added that the quick rise may have been a factor in the sale.

“The recently steeper curve made the 2029 cheap to the Australian Commonwealth Government Bond (ACGB) curve, and attractive to buyers looking at it on both relative value to global markets and also on an outright (basis),” Whetton said.

In terms of outright value, Whetton noted that yesterday’s interest rate announcement by the Reserve Bank of Australia had caught markets off-guard.

“The market had expected a hawkish RBA and the RBA was not only dovish relative to expectations, but dovish relative to the June meeting,” Whetton said.

Australian 10-year government bond yields reached 2.66% on Monday before retreating to their current level of 2.59%.