Someone In Detroit Pointed A Gun At A Google Street View Car

detroit google gun

Photo: Screenshot

Google captures its Street View images by literally driving a camera-equipped car down the road while snapping photos. As such, the company tends to capture some weird images.This image to the right, captured by a Google car in Detroit, clearly shows a group of people hanging out on a porch brandishing a gun. Another image clearly shows one of them taking aim at the Google car.

The image was first discovered on Reddit and we found it via BetaBeat.

This barely scratches the surface of Google Street View oddities. Jon Rafman of has curated some of the most stunning images we’ve seen from Google Street View, ranging from scary to beautiful to strange.

We absolutely recommend checking out Rafman’s full site, and we’ve assembled some of our favourites here.

Kids with (toy) guns

Fire hydrant in action

Sprinting caribou

We hope a parent is nearby

A house on fire

Not the recommended way to travel

An attempt at a hoax?

Accident in progress

Even the elephant's face is blurred

Quite a sight from your front door

Eerie and beautiful

I'll have what he's having

Just a sleeping robot on a park bench

Flock of seagulls

Did the Google car get pulled over?

The belly, the beard, the jeans

Overdressed for the occasion

A police shakedown

Sick in the street

Hopping over the fence

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