Someone has finally come up with a way to make money using Snapchat

Photo: Peter Macdiarmid/ Getty Images.

PopSugar Inc., which owns ShopStyle, a platform for thousands of beauty, fashion and retail bloggers, has today launched Emoticode, an emoji-style URL shortening technology that enables people, publishers and brands to monetize their posts on Snapchat and Instagram.

It sounds techy, but essentially how it works is a business can paste the URL of a product in the Emoticode app to convert it. This emoticode can then be included in a Snap or Instagram comment.

Customers can then screenshot the Snap or the Instagram post with the emoticode, save it to the Emoticode or ShopStyle app, where it becomes “decoded” into a clickable URL and take them to the product to purchase.

Brian Sugar, co-founder and CEO of Popsugar Inc told DigiDay about the “lightbulb” moment of coming up with the idea.

“It was clear that people wanted to take action from our snaps and it wasn’t as easy as it could be. The lightbulb went off,” Sugar said.

“It works for shopping. It will work for recipes, workouts, articles, really anything you want to engage more with beyond a snap or an Instagram post.”

As an added bonus, businesses using the emoticodes on the ShopStyle Collective app will be able to monitor clicks, orders, revenue, conversion rate.

The emoticode technology is now available on the Emoticode app, the ShopStyle and ShopStyle Collective apps via the App Store in US, UK Australia – in English in Germany, France. It is expected to be released on the PopSugar app at a future date.

The global media and technology company along with ShopStyle has over 75 million monthly unique visitors worldwide.

ShopStyle partners with over 1400 global retailers and drives $US1 billion in sales annually.

* Disclosure: Shopstyle Australia and Popsugar Australia is owned by Allure Media, which publishes Business Insider Australia.