Someone Already Bought A $2,700 13-Piece Patio Set On Using Bitcoin unexpectedly announced today they had begun accepting Bitcoin.

CEO Patrick Byrne had told us and others the launch wouldn’t come for another few months.

Byrne now tells us that last week, they decided to reach out to, one of the largest Bitcoin payment processors. They said that with a dedicated team at Overstock they would be able to launch within a week. And they did.

“They actually came back with a plan on the evening of New Year’s Day on how get live in a week, we’ve had 40 people from diff parts of company, [on the project], including customer service agents.”

About $10,000 worth of Bitcoin from about 100 purchasers has already been spent since the announcement less than two hours ago, Byrne said. Online Bitcoin chatter indicates much of it is from folks making purchases in tribute to the company’s vote of confidence in the digital currency.

The most expensive item yet purchased? This handsome 13-piece patio set from Amazonia.


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