Some Of The Ridiculous Advice Britain's Tourism Body Gave On Dealing With Australians


Britain’s national tourism body has been copping some flak, after it published advice intended to help hoteliers deal with guests from a variety of nations.

Domestic media have blasted the guidelines as generalisations, which they most definitely are.

According to a AAP report on the VisitBritain advice, Germans, Austrians and Japanese are straight-to-the-point and demanding.

Russians are also a “generally tall nation” who prefer high ceilings, and French people don’t like eye contact. And then there’s the advice on dealing with Australian guests …

“Many Australians can have a very sarcastic manner – this can be a challenge at times to decide if they are serious or not when telling you something.

“Humour is always key when talking to Australians. Don’t take offence to jokes about ‘Poms’ – it is more a friendly endearment than an intended insult.

Remember that they may have not slept for 30 hours [when they arrive] and could show signs of intolerance.

“If planning an itinerary for Australians, do not make it too intensive for the first few days.”

You can read more here.

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