Tour The Creamery, The Coffee Shop At The centre Of Tech's Big Deals

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Photo: Business Insider / Matthew Lynley

Some of the biggest deals in technology have taken place at an unsuspecting coffee shop called The Creamery on the corner of 4th street and King Street in San Francisco.At 8 a.m. every day like clockwork, a pack of men in business suits pile out of the train at the Caltrain and make their way to The Creamery.

They’re some of the top venture capitalists in the San Francisco Bay Area, and they’re carry around their checkbooks. They’re headed to The Creamery to meet with entrepreneurs and founders for potential deals.

They sit down with various hopeful founders wearing hoodies and casual clothes that you might expect for a San Francisco native. Co-owner Ivor Bradley serves them food and coffee and then gives them privacy for their meeting, which often times ends up in some kind of funding deal.

Since opening up five years ago, Bradley has seen some of the tech world’s biggest deals go down. It’s rare to go to The Creamery and not see a meeting like that taking place.

All in a little rustic coffee shop that — frankly — looks pretty out of place in the hip South of Market neighbourhood in San Francisco.

It's a pretty unsuspecting building nestled in the middle of the SoMa neighbourhood.

It's right at the corner of 4th street and King street.

The Caltrain station, which has stops in venture capital-rich areas like Palo Alto and Mountain View, is right across the street.

The whole thing has a very rustic design. That was intentional, co-owner Ivor Bradley says.

Among his most common customers are various venture capital fund owners and Michael Arrington, former editor of TechCrunch.

Like much of San Francisco, there's no parking. That's why so many South Bay residents take the train up.

On any given week you'll see at least a dozen business meetings happening in the corners of the shop. It's unusual if you visit and there isn't a business deal happening, says Michael Arrington.

The rest of the time, you'll see entrepreneurs and coders chugging away at their new app. Sometimes they'll pitch Bradley with a new app idea.

They might stay there for hours — all the way into lunch. Luckily, there's a lunch place right next door...

...that's also run by the same team that runs the Creamery.

The creamery has plenty of breakfast food, though. That's the top priority for the Creamery, Bradley says.

The food is pretty good, too. Just ask some of the patrons — all of which usually have a laptop open.

And there's a happy hour with cheap beer, another favourite addition for San Francisco startup employees.

The Creamery spends most of its time focusing on the food. Instead of stocking up with iPads, they use simple chalk boards.

Bradley said he had no idea how successful it would become, but it's since become a deal hotspot.

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