At Least One Wall Street Banker Is Into The New Hourly Rate Hotel Room Service In NYC

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The New York Post‘s Jane Ridley and Jennifer Wright have a fascinating piece about some hotels in New York City offering hourly rates for rooms during the workday through hotel rooms aren’t just being used just for a nap, shower or shave, but for mid-day hookup sessions, according to the report. 

And it sounds like people could keep these rendezvous on the down low. 

From the Post:

…Clients book via e-mail, obviously a private one to which their spouse or employer has no access, and pay cash at check-in. No questions asked.

“You give them [the front desk] a pin number, which is sent via text message,” explains Lauren.

“There’s no fuss, no raised eyebrows, and you just hand over the money.”

She tells how her recent tryst stemmed from an in-joke between her and her latest hook-up, a 28-year-old financier whom she calls Matt.

“He was telling me about DayUse, and I thought it was hilarious that you could go somewhere like that for a couple hours,” recalls Lauren…

Read the full Post story here >

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