Some upset MoviePass subscribers say they have tried to cancel and the app didn't let them

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  • Some MoviePass users have found it difficult to cancel the service.
  • Business Insider has been contacted by 17 MoviePass users since the beginning of November who have complained they are having trouble cancelling, with some receiving an error message when attempting it.
  • “We identified and resolved an issue impacting a small number of users who are facing difficulty cancelling their subscriptions,” MoviePass said when asked to comment for this story.

MoviePass, the embattled movie-ticket subscription service, sent out a bizarre apology email to customers last month (sent in the voice of a dog) promising to make the service “better and better,” and saying it was listening to customer feedback.

Still, the company has been altering its product so much recently that some users have had enough, and are ready to cancel. And for some users who are simply fed up, cancelling has proven difficult.

Business Insider has been contacted by 17 upset MoviePass customers since the beginning of November complaining that they were having problems cancelling the service.

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“We identified and resolved an issue impacting a small number of users who are facing difficulty cancelling their subscriptions,” MoviePass said in a statement when asked to comment for this story. “As always, we offer many other avenues for cancelling your subscription including contacting customer service through the chat feature in our app or website or calling our customer service phone number located on the back of a user’s MoviePass card.”

Nine of the MoviePass users who reached out to Business Insider said they received an error message when they tried to cancel their subscription, as seen below:


In August, Business Insider reminded users who were having trouble cancelling that they had to select a “Reason for cancellation” from the drop-down menu, which was a common reason for an error message. Since then, Business Insider has periodically received complaints from users who say they can’t cancel, but the messages have been more consistent over the last month, as users are reaching out for further suggestions and claiming MoviePass has not been responsive.

Some users who reached out said they followed the steps recommended by Business Insider in the August article, but still had not been able to cancel.

“I’m on the MoviePass app and after I choose the reason for cancelling and hit ‘Cancel Membership’ I get an error stating ‘The operation couldn’t be completed,'” one user said.

“I’ve tried to cancel following all the steps listed in your article,” another said. “Absolutely nothing happens. And I just got billed again today. I am ready to contact my bank and block further payments or even request a new card if that doesn’t work.”

MoviePass has faced controversy before regarding cancellations.

In August, some users who had canceled were finding themselves re-enrolled into the service, and couldn’t cancel again when they tried. Some of those users received an email stating they had “confirmed” their new plan, and that their “opt-in to the new plan will take priority” over cancelling. At the time, MoviePass was implementing a new plan that kept the monthly price at $US9.95, but limited users to three movies a month.

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