UPDATE: A Man Calling Himself 'Twiggy Palmcock' Jumped On Stage With Tony Abbott's Family After The Victory Speech

Abbott photobomberThe Abbott Family with the photobomber, left. Pic: Getty / Marianna Massey

Tony Abbott just claimed victory in Australia’s federal election, addressing rapturous party supporters at the Four Seasons hotel in Sydney.

But when he finished his speech, the Abbott family arrived on the stage to pose for the traditional family photo — along with a mystery young man. He stood with them and waved for the cameras with the family before being tackled to the ground and hauled off by security.

It later emerged he:

  • was wearing a faked media wristband made out of candy wrappers, and
  • called himself “Twiggy Palmcock”

More details at the Courier-Mail.

Early speculation is that he was a photobomber but also that he looks like the boyfriend of one of Abbott’s daughters, so it may have been a moment of confusion around protocol.

Anna Henderson of ABC News managed to get this pic and post it on Twitter:

PhotobomberCourtesy Anna Henderson / Twitter

Here’s a close-up. He’s standing next to Abbott’s daughter Frances:

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