Some Believe Umpire Angel Hernandez Intentionally Screwed Up The Controversial Replay


Earlier this week, many wondered how the umpires could have screwed up a replay that clearly showed the A’s had hit a game-tying home run. Now there is a growing sentiment that the umpires actually screwed the call up on purpose.

Peter Gammons of the MLB Network appeared on “The Dan Patrick Show,” and was asked about the horrible call. Gammons chuckled and described it as “almost belligerence to ignore the replay.”

Dan Patrick then asked Gammons if he was indeed saying that umpire Angel Hernandez actually refused to overturn the incorrect call because he is against replay in general. “That was certainly the impression many of us had,” said Gammons. “You couldn’t rationalize seeing what he could see and calling it a double.”

Gammons went on to explain that there is a very strong sentiment among some umpires that officials should never admit they are wrong.

If this is true, Major League Baseball has a huge problem on their hands. This suggests that umpires are no longer doing their job, and instead are taking the law into their own hands and picking and choosing which rules they want to enforce.

And that will kill the integrity of both the umpires and the game a lot faster than the occasional blown call.

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