Some Awful Stock Market behaviour

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Photo: Flickr / Lunauna

The headlines of the indices may not be that bad, but there are some ugly carcasses out there in the stock market right now.A reader sent us the following note…

Look at this list of companies where their shares plunged on earnings/guidance recently.  This is very concerning action.  This is what hedge funds are talking about in full-force.  Terrible earnings and guidance in diverse industries.  Tech, consumer, and we know commodities are plunging.  Ripple effects will be terrible

HHGreg – 21% drop

Nike – 9%+ drop

Dell – 17% drop

OCZ Technology – 9% drop (after-hrs tonight)

Mako Surgical – 43% drop

Informatica – 27% drop

Cummins – 9% drop

Acme Packet – 14.4% drop

WD-40 Corp – 4.4% drop

Shaw Group – 9% drop

Patriot Coal – Bankruptcy

Alcoa – 4.4% drop when they beat earnings/rev estimate! people need cars but not for long as jobs are about to disappear

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