THE WORST PLACE IN THE WORLD: See What Life Is Like In Somalia


Worse than Congo, Sudan, South Sudan, Chad, Yemen, and Afghanistan,  Somalia is the most failed state in the world, according to the annual ranking by Foreign Policy and The Global Fund For Peace.

Located in the Horn of Africa, the majority Sunni Muslim country suffers from an ineffective government, famine, disease, piracy, militant extremism, and frequent external intervention.

No wonder it has topped the list of the most failed states every year since 2008.

We have to start with the famine. The UN reports that famine in Somalia, which officially lasted from 2010-2012, killed 260,000 people.

Source: United Nations.

1/3 of all children younger than 5 are underweight.

For every 1,000 children, 180 will never reach the age of 5.

Famine struck in the early 90s as well, claiming 220,000 lives.

Back then, rampant tribalism and infighting led to extreme food shortages, food hoarding by armed factions, and eventually civil war.

Source: New York Times.

The turmoil spurned U.S. and international intervention, culminating in the Battle of Mogadishu in 1993, when two Blackhawk helicopters were shot down and 18 U.S troops were killed.

20 years later, there's little improvement to show for the foreign intervention.

Source: New York Times.

The life expectancy is just 51 years.

14.6% of women have access to contraception.

The average woman in Somalia gives birth to 6 children.

The maternal mortality rate is through the roof. 1,000 mothers die per 100,000 live births.

Infant mortality is even worse. 101.9 children die per 1,000 live births.

There is a high risk of infectious disease, including rabies and hepatitis.

Somalia's key export commodities are livestock, bananas, animal hides, fish, charcoal, and scrap metal.

Terrorism is also a key export.

The key terrorist group is Al-Shabaab, which has been linked to Al-Qaeda.

Here, the president of Somalia's Olympic committee lies fatally injured after a suicide bombing last year.

Source: Reuters.

The African Union has had a peacekeeping force there since 2007.

But violence is rampant, with tribal factions, military elements from Somalia and abroad, and Islamic extremists constantly doing battle.

Somalia is well known as the home country of the pirates who terrorize the key trade waters near the Horn of Africa.

The international community has devoted resources in the region to combat piracy, like these South Koran commandos raiding this ship.

Source: Time.

Meanwhile, the Gross Domestic Product per capita is just $600.

Only 29% of the population has access to improved drinking water.

37.8% of the population over the age of 15 can read and write.

For women, that number drops to 25.8%.

The average child spends just 3 years in school. 49% of children contribute to the labour force.

Yet in spite of the hardships and seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Gallup recently found that 94% of people in the region are optimistic about the future. There's nowhere to go but up.

Source: Business Insider.

Somalia is not alone in their plight.

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