Another Startup, Another Big Round: Solve Media Raising At A $25-40 Million Valuation

Solve media

CAPTCHA ad startup Solve Media is raising an $8-10 million Series B round of financing, sources say.

Details of the round are still being worked out, but the pre-money valuation is between $25 and $40 million.

Investors from Solve Media’s last round are involved again, including First Round Capital and AOL Ventures. We’re also hearing there’s interest from New Atlantic Ventures, and that Bullpen Capital will be leading the round.

The startup is doing better than expected, according to one of our sources. As of July, it was generating 620,000 type-in ads per day. It is likely to generate more than $10 million in revenue this year.

Solve Media was founded by Ari Jacoby and Todd Lieberman in late 2010.