An eyewear chain is giving away free solar eclipse glasses — here’s how to get them

Warby Parker eclipse glasses

Warby Parker is giving away free solar eclipse glasses.

The eyeglasses chain is giving away eclipse glasses at all of its 44 locations. All you have to do is head to a store and ask for up to two pairs of eclipse glasses.

While retailers such as Walmart and Amazon are selling out, Brokelyn reports that glasses are still available at Warby Parker locations, at least in New York City. Still, it’s probably a good idea to call your local shop and make sure they haven’t given away all their eclipse glasses before you arrive to pick them up.

“As champions of sharp vision, we want to help everyone see this cross-country celestial spectacle as clearly and safely as possible — before it disappears again for nearly 30 years,” reads a page dedicated to the eclipse on Warby Parker’s website.

Other good places to get free eclipse glasses are libraries and NASA viewing parties. Libraries are giving away 2 million free glasses and NASA is handing out 1.5 million.