The World’s Largest Solar Powered Boat Just Went Around The World

Turanor Solar Yacht

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In 1519, Ferdinand Magellan made history when he set out on the first circumnavigation expedition of the world. 18 months ago, a very unique boat set out to make a similar journey.And it is about to succeed.

According to Tree Hugger, Planet Solar’s Turanor is on the verge of becoming the first solar powered boat to go around the world.

Turanor left Monaco well over a year ago and stayed very close to the equator on its way around the world. While it is a long way around the world, the equator also has very strong sunlight which was a boon to powering the massive ship.

Currently, the world’s largest solar boat is docked in Abu Dhabi to demonstrate the technology that made this trip possible.

While Turanor’s sleek design, which is a modified trimaran, makes it look like it could be exceedingly fast, the ship actually averaged a speed of 4 to 5 knots, or 6 miles per hour, during its 18 months on the water.

Turanor needed over 700 solar panels to ensure the boat would capture enough sunlight to power it around the world. As solar panels become more efficient, keep an eye out for smaller scale applications to begin appearing.

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