Solar And Gas: An Ideal Clean Energy Solution

solar thermal arizona

The big part of the future for solar power will likely involve being attached to gas fired power plants, as opposed to being stand alone solar power plants, reports Greentech Media. As energy demand increases, and emissions become costly, a combination of the two is a logical approach for utilities.

It doesn’t require as much land to build a hybrid gas/solar plant as opposed to a massive solar power plant.  Putting a solar thermal set up next to a power plant, as opposed to paying for big chunks of land in the desert makes sense.

Gas power will provide continuous energy, while solar will provide energy at the peak periods of demand. Solar’s peak period of production, happily coincides with the the peak period of demand. So solar can aid with the heavy day load, while gas handles the evening.

The price of solar is falling. Over the long run. solar prices are projected to fall to grid parity. When taking into account all the tax incentives and goodwill that come with, solar is already as cheap as any other form of electricity, in some states.

All these factors add up to make solar and gas an ideal clean energy solution.

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