This insane 85-meter yacht is better equipped than most mansions

SolandgeBurgess YachtsThe Solandge comes with a crew of 29.

At 85 meters (278 feet) in length and weighing over 2,900 tons, the Solandge is enormous, but it isn’t the size that sets this yacht apart.

The interior of the boat, designed by Aileen Rodriguez, could put the majority of English stately homes to shame with lavish detailing, a nine-person lift, vast rooms, and as many amenities as anyone could wish for.

The Solandge, the creation of renowned shipmaker Lürssen, comes with 29 crew, who cater to any owner willing to pay almost £750,000 (€1 million, $US1.1 million) a week to live aboard the yacht which predominantly sails in sunnier waters, such as the Caribbean.

Here’s what she looks like inside.

The Solandge was designed by Espen Øeino, which was has crafted some of the biggest and boldest super-yachts of the past decade. This one is no different, featuring swooping curves and multiple levels that give it a dramatic, Bond-villain-esque look.

The very upper deck -- the boat has six -- is dedicated to the owner. The outside area includes a Jacuzzi which has been recessed in order to prevent it from disturbing the view and a seating area for 15 or more.

With a crew of 29, preparing anything yourself is out of the question. The Solandge has multiple bars across its six levels all of which come with a trained bar tender, willing to whip up any cocktail desired.

Having all of the staff is useful when hosting on the vessel, which can comfortably sleep up to 16 guests at any time across a myriad of different bedroom spread across the six decks.

While most yachts are constrained to keeping the accessories to a minimum due to size, the Solandge has no such problems and can permanently house various bars and a nine-person lift which stops at all six decks.

Moving inside, the Solandge is furnished unlike anything else that floats on the water. Many of the items look like they wouldn't be out of place in an English country mansion. Here is one of the indoor living spaces, furnished opulently.

Every aspect of the vessel is beautifully maintained, right down to the chandelier that hangs over one of the many dining tables that can seat up to 12. On the far wall is a painting, an unusual fixture on any yacht but this one.

The yacht includes an office which has a distinctly White House vibe that is in keeping with the rest of the rooms. The view is also spectacular from the gigantic windows, which look out from the office's upper deck position.

The bedrooms, of which there are over eight, are all beautifully furnished. This is the master bedroom, located on the top deck. The whole upper suite includes his-and-her bathrooms, a Jacuzzi and a 180-degree view off the front of the boat.

While the other bedrooms are not as grand as the master suite, they definitely aren't bad with views out of giant windows onto any location the boat chooses to go and an ensuite bathroom to every room.

One of the more unusual features of the Solandge is the full-size, fully equipped cinema room which can show the latest movies to the boat's occupants. For those who are feeling more lively, there is also a fully kitted out DJ deck on the upper level.

The boat includes a gym, with state-of-the-art equipment, that has a stunning view out onto the bow of the vessel. A giant sliding door reveals the outside and can let a breeze in. The area leads into the pool if you want a post-workout cool down.

The Solandge has its own steam room and sauna, completing the on-board gym. Beyond these, there are two Jacuzzis and a swimming pool.

Every bedroom comes with its own ensuite. This one is the largest and accompanies the master suite with individual wardrobes for men and women. While the design is more modern than other areas, it's still broadly in keeping with the overall aesthetic. The sink is made of marble.

While this may look like the Captain's chair, it's actually the in-house beauty salon located on the top deck. It comes with a qualified crew member who will tend to every aesthetic need.

The pool sits at the back of the boat and is a neat 5.5m (18ft) by 2.5m (8ft) making it perfect for early morning lengths. For colder climates the pool is heated and can provide a reprieve from the sea which, on a boat this size, can be a long way down.

The view from the highest point on the boat -- the master suite -- looking off the stern onto the clear blue sea of whichever exotic location the Solandge has sailed to.

Having won the 'Best Exterior' award at the Monaco Yacht Show, the Solandge is certified in its design prowess. Øeino's design manages to effectively make a boat that measures over three-quarters of a football pitch long and is six decks high elegant and graceful in the water.

Due to its size, the Solandge is not quick. It has a top speed of 17.5 knots (20 mph). Of course, this just gives bystanders more time to admire this extraordinary vessel.

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