Sol Trujillo is back

Sol Trujillo in 2009. GREG WOOD/AFP/Getty Images

Solomon “Sol” Trujillo, an American businessman and former CEO of Australia’s Telstra, has resurfaced on the Australian tech scene.

He’s just joined the board of telco start-up Unlockd as that company prepares for further international expansion and a series B investment round.

Trujillo was one of a group of American executives recruited to work at Telstra who were referred to as the Three Amigos. He left in 2009 after four years to be replaced by David Thodey.

When he left, he told the BBC in an interview that Australia was racist, backward and like “stepping back in time”.

Unlockd last month launched with UK phone carrier Tesco Mobile and in January went into the US with Boost Mobile, a subsidiary of Sprint Telecom.

Trujillo and former Virgin Group CEO David Baxby were appointed to board today.

The recent new additions to Unlockd’s executive team include Craig Rees from Atlassian and Ashley Conn from Goldman Sachs.

Unlockd customers get full screen ads, content and coupons when they unlock their phones in exchange for discounted bills or free data from their telco.

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