An Israeli Company Made A Better Wheel That Lets You Ride Down Stairs In A Wheelchair

An Israeli company has interpreted the phrase “reinvent the wheel” quite literally. Tel Aviv-based Softwheel has figured out a way to improve the wheel, making it possible for wheelchairs and bicycles to smoothly ride over bumps and even stairs, Reuters reports.

The company’s “Selective Suspension Technology” is activated when a wheel encounters an impact above a certain threshold. The wheel’s hub moves from its central location, creating a cushion effect that absorbs and lessens the impact to the rider.

Here’s the wheel in action:

The wheel makes it possible for someone in a wheelchair to comfortably ride down stairs.

Here’s a slow-motion of the wheel moving down a flight of stairs.



And another slow-mo.



Here’s the wheel letting a cyclist ride over bumpy stones.



Watch the full Reuters video here:

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