Startup Is Looking For People With Asperger's To Test Software

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Aspiritech is a Chicago-based non-profit startup whose mission is to “align the unique abilities of individuals with Aspberger’s syndrome and high functioning autism with the needs of the business community.”They’re currently seeking to hire those with Asperger’s syndrome as software testers. The theory is that people trying to avoid social situations are at home in the more manageable and controllable world of technology.

Founder Brenda Weitzberg said in an interview that “their ability to focus, good memory, their high intelligence, their strong technical skills, their ability to detect details and also to stay focused over lengthy periods, really makes them ideal for software testing work. People with Asperger’s can become ideal software testers.”

This is not the first time that a link between Asperger’s and technological proficiency has been suggested. Lots of tech hotshots have even been “diagnosed” in the media. Steve Silberman of Wired Magazine writes that Bill Gates’ “single-minded focus on technical minutiae, rocking motions, and flat tone of voice are all suggestive” of the disorder.

Is Aspiritech exploiting or innovating? Let us know in the comments!

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