Software Engineer Vs. Lumberjack: Who Has The Best Job?

lumberjack axe wood chop

Photo: benfulton via Flickr

Maybe software engineers don’t have their own TV reality show or their own song, but they do have high pay and less stress.Software engineering was named the No. 1 best job of 2012, according to a list compiled by Lumberjacks have the worst job in 2012.

Software engineers get perks, have a good chance for career advancement and enjoy a median income of $88,142, the site says.

And if you hate writing software, maybe you’ll like fixing it better. Computer Systems Analysts was also among the Top 10, with a median income of $78,148.

Sadly, Lumberjacks don’t have many career options, are in danger of being squashed by the trees they cut and make only $32,114. Having their own song isn’t enough of a perk to outweigh that stuff (The Lumberjack Song.)

Here’s the full list of Top 10 best jobs and the full list of Top 10 worst.

Now, can you guess which list “newspaper reporters” is on?

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