Did Sofitel Wait An Hour To Report The Alleged Rape Because It’s A French Hotel?


Investigators are reportedly questioning the Sofitel hotel over why it waited an hour to report the alleged Dominqiue Strauss-Kahn incident, according to Reuters.

Police say that the maid walked into DSK’s hotel room just after midday. She reported the incident almost immediately, but the NYPD wasn’t notified until 1:30 pm.

According to Reuters,

By 12:29 p.m. or 12:30 p.m., hotel video and witness accounts show that Strauss-Kahn left the hotel without visiting the front desk to check out, and he hailed a New York “Yellow Cab” taxi.

Investigators believe the maid almost immediately reported the alleged assault to several other members of the hotel staff, the source said.

The hotel’s first call to a police emergency number was received at 1:32 p.m, according to official reports cited by the law enforcement source who spoke to Reuters.

Apparently there’s two reasons for this time gap, according to police.

1. The maid was so distressed and obviously, the accusation to serious, it took them a while to get their head around it.

2. The French connection — the Sofitel, which is under French management, was reluctant to report an alleged crime by one of France’s most well-known financiers and politicians.

DSK is in the courthouse right now, awaiting a hearing on the terms of his bail.

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