These Award-Winning Photographs Show Life 'At Home' On Earth

Every year, the Society of Biology holds two competitions for amateur photographers, one for those over the age of 18 and one for those under. Each year, the impressive photographs and photographers are awarded prizes, including around $US1,200 for over-18 and around $US600 for those shooters under 18.

For this year’s competition, the judges decided on the theme of “Home, Habitat, and Shelter,” and all the photos play on that concept of where nature seeks haven.

After receiving over 800 submissions, the judges have whittled them down to a short list of 12 photographs, which we share with you here.

One of the judges, Tim Harris of the Nature Picture Library, said, “It was refreshing to see some unusual and imaginative interpretations of this year’s theme, and especially some which related the theme to man as well as animals.”

Winners will be announced Oct. 14, as part of Biology Week. For more information, check out the Society of Biology’s website.

This photo, taken by Lukas Gawenda, shows two Bison near the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National park. Grand Prismatic is the largest colourful hot spring in the United States.

This spider, photographed by Krasimir Matarov in Bulgaria, builds his own home.

The first concept of shelter, the womb, is depicted here by Robert Cabagnot in this photo of a chick embryo inside a hardened eggshell.

This photo by Wolfgang Weinhardt, taken in Indonesia, shows a Tarsier in its natural home.

For this adult female Italian crested newt, pictured here by Matteo Riccardo Di Nicola, home is the waters of Piedmont, Italy

A farmer protects both his family and his animals from mosquitoes by using nets in this photograph, taken by Dimple Pancholi in Gujarat, India.

Boris Barath, the third amateur under the age of 18 to be shortlisted, submitted this photo of a sea turtle eating a jellyfish off the shores of the Ari Atoll in the Maldives.

Sometimes home can be brutal, like these Parasitoid wasps feeding a paralysed caterpillar to their offspring, who rest inside the small pots the wasps have built. Amateur photographer Thomas Endlein took this striking photograph in Borneo.

Similarly, this photo by Nagarjun Ram, one of three chosen amateur photographers under the age of 18, shows a leopard in its natural habitat in the jungles of Karantaka, India.

Ysabel M. Victoriano, another under-18 shooter, snagged a spot on the list with this photo of siblings in the Philippines watering recently planted seedlings. Due to environmental degradation caused by nearby quarrying, the people of this area have begun to plant a mahogany tree forest.

Shelter takes a different form for this plant, growing in house in Kolmanskop, an abandoned town in Namibia which is slowly being taken over by sand dunes.

Billy Clapham decided to go for a more common scene with his photograph of a female blackbird about to eat a dried mealworm in a suburban backyard in Lincolnshire, UK.

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