SocGen Has Put Together The Ultimate Presentation On Markets, Economics, And What Will Happen In 2013

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Photo: AP Images

SocGen’s top cross-asset strategist Alain Bokobza and his team just put out their global investment outlook for 2013.The title of the presentation – 2013: European Assets Strike Back – just about says it all. While Bokobza warns of turbulence ahead in U.S. markets as the “fiscal cliff” investors face remains unresolved, he also highlights a few developments that may make investing in Europe become more attractive in 2013.

However, Bokobza says Germany’s status as a safe haven may be at risk, and France, the other major “core” nation in the eurozone, has some serious challenges ahead.

The SocGen team says it is upping its exposure to equities and decreasing its exposure to credit and alternative investments as we approach the new year.

The presentation also touches on several hot topics in markets right now, including potential sovereign credit rating downgrades in the pipeline, the yen trade, Apple stock, the Brent-WTI spread, and gold.

In other words, it’s thorough.

Note: Thanks to Société Générale for giving us permission to feature this presentation.

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