Here's How To Figure Out Who Your Most Valuable Twitter Follower Is

Alex + Michael socialrankAlex TaubMichael and Alex run SocialRank, a startup that’s working on a suite of tools for Twitter.

Former Dwolla executives Alex Taub and Michael Schonfeld accidentally created a viral sensation a few years ago when they coined the Twitter term, “Most Valuable Follower.” The pair created an algorithm which revealed who your best Twitter follower was, and over 50,000 people tried it in the first week.

Taub and Schonfeld never meant their MVF tool to become popular. They shut it down after a few months to focus on their Dwolla jobs. But even after MVF disappeared, brands were reaching out and asking to use it.

Recently, Taub and Schonfeld left their jobs and raised a small seed round of financing to bring back MVF and launch a suite of Twitter analytic tools under the name “SocialRank.” Instead of helping individuals and brands get more followers, Taub and Schonfeld want to reward current, loyal followers.

SocialRank helps people find their Most Valuable Follower, (MVF) their Most Engaged Follower (MEF), and the Best Follower (BF) on Twitter. You can find yours by clicking here.

The MEF calculation looks at retweets, mentions and replies. the MVF calculation looks at a person’s follower-to-following ratio (the fewer people someone follows, the more valuable they are). BF takes both of these calculations into account.

SocialRank shows users their top 10 followers over the past 30 days, but there’s also a premium product for $US25 per month which will reveal the top 50 followers. Current brands using SocialRank include Spotify and GoPro.

Here’s how SocialRank worked when we tried it:

Authorise SocialRank to use your Twitter account. After a few moments it will populate your MVF, MEF and BF.

Unsurprisingly, Business Insider and its tech account are my top followers. Taub says later versions of the tool will let you weed out specific accounts from your reports.

The lists of your top 10 BFs, MVFs and MEFs are much more useful. Here you’ll see some of the most prominent people who are following you and give yourself an ego boost.

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