Here's Proof That Tech Media Rules Twitter

Social rankSocialRankSocialRank’s Tech Media Index

Last week, social analytics company SocialRank released a Global Brands Index that charts the success of major corporate brands on Twitter.

The index displays engagement data, competitor tracking, and calculates the quality of a brand’s followers.

On Tuesday morning, SocialRank released a separate index specifically for tech media companies. The list of companies was culled from Techmeme’s leaderboard and includes names like Engadget, 9to5 Mac, Gizmodo, Geekwire and Business Insider.

Looking at the index, it’s clear that tech media brands outperform large corporate brands on Twitter by a significant amount.

The Tech Media Index boasts much higher engagement in terms of retweets, @replies, and mentions.

Nearly 60% of the average tech media outlet’s followers have tweeted something in the past 90 days, compared to only 54% of followers of brands on the Global Brands Index.

The average tech media company also has more than 3x the amount of verified followers compared to your average global brand.

This is somewhat expected. Twitter’s platform has always been popular among news junkies and tech influencers. However, brands may want to rethink their Twitter strategy if they’re looking to court more influential users.

Read more about Social Rank’s Tech Media Index here.

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