Use This Company's Product To Watch Its Y Combinator Demo Day Pitch


Photo: Screenshot of a SocialCam video

Even if you couldn’t make it to Y Combinator’s latest demo day, at least you’ll get to watch one pitch.SocialCam, which lets users film events through their mobile phone and share them online, is pitching at the show.

So audience member Ben Parr used the product to broadcast the pitch.

SocialCam CEO Michael Seibel explained that usage is taking off.

In the past 3 months, we’ve seen 300 per cent growth in the number of daily [active users]. Our engagement is growing even faster. During the same period of time, we’ve seen 3,000 per cent growth in the number of relationships created within the app.

Seibel was CEO at and his co-founders were senior engineers there. reduced the cost of an hour of video down from $4 to under half a penny.

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