The Hottest App On The App Store Just Hit A Snag*

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Update: One of the commenters pointed out that other apps are showing the same flatline on AppData, which suggests a lag to the updates.Earlier story: Uh oh.

Socialcam, a video-sharing app, is currently the most popular free app on the Apple App Store. It’s hugely successful in part because it’s spreading on Facebook as users share videos and comments using the app.

So activity on Facebook is a key metric. We know Socialcam is adding users fast, based on installs of the app.

But is it retaining them?

Facebook activity is a key way to answer that question. The answer: It’s starting to churn users, losing them at roughly the same rate it’s adding them, according to AppData.

Socialcam is still the top Facebook-connected application in terms of monthly users, but when the daily users stop growing, it’s a sign that the app isn’t engaging and holding onto its users as well as it needs to in order to sustain growth.

That said—this is a short-term trend. But with Viddy raising a giant round, investors are going to be tracking the daily numbers closely.

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